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B Market Builders work in regions where the B Economy is still in its early stages, focusing primarily on creating and growing a thriving community of Certified B Corps. They support and engage existing local Certified B Corporations and support other mission-aligned organizations to measure their social and environmental impact.

B Market Builders help create the community of leaders necessary to show the local business ecosystem that it is possible to be successful while taking measurable steps towards Impact Governance and Impact Management. In this process, B Market Builders also engage and collaborate with strategic partners that can support and accelerate their work.

With support of B Lab, B Market Builders also set up the foundational pillars to grow a strong and financially sustainable organization that will support the global movement of people using business as a force for good in their local markets in the long term.

Who are we?

B Market Builder South Africa is led by Animarem, a conscious business advisory that powers visionary, purpose-driven growth for our clients. Animarem believes that it is business, not individuals or governments, that will lead the social transformation required to elevate humanity in this time of inevitable change. They guide organisations to orient their strategic direction and operations toward an inclusive, sustainable future that better serves the world and its people.

“Around the world we are seeing a purposeful change in business. Now we have the tools, certification and expertise to help fuel this transformation. It’s a pleasure to be aligning with B Lab East Africa to offer on the ground community support in South Africa and north of our borders.”


Tom Fels – Community Builder, SA

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Unifying Goal

B Impact Assessment

Free comprehensive and industry specific tool designed to measure the social and economic impacs of your company.

SDG Action Manager

The Impact Management Solution  for Business Action on the Sustainable Development Goals

B Analytics

Join investors, supply chain managers, business networks, and governments in helping companies to measure and improve their positive impact.

B Market Builder South Africa

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