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Peperuka is a Kenyan based apparel, textiles and cosmetics brand for the eco-friendly and socially conscious consumer. The company is built to rise above the average and fill you lives with more than just beautiful things. “We aspire to warm the body, mind and spirit by blending Afro-inspired products with socially and environmentally sound business practices. We are about the good things in life. We integrate what we believe into everything we do. Our products consist of fresh, handmade body products, limited edition apparel and accessories, and upcycled home decor. With our creations, we encourage healthy, conscious living by making products from natural ingredients and promoting sustainability to create a better cleaner world. We work in partnership with suppliers and manufacturers that not only ensure consistent high quality production but also support and empower their communities, have ethical working conditions and always practice fair trade. This way, our suppliers are as happy as our customers and this makes us happy.” Wangari, Founder of Peperuka

What matters most at Peperuka?

Revenues are important, otherwise the company wouldn’t be in business, but our mission is to make people happy, amuse and delight the customers and get them to think about culture in a new way. For our employees, Peperuka wants this to be a place where they can bring their best and be acknowledged and appreciated. They should also care about the place they work and world we live in. We would also like to have an impact on our suppliers and be easy to work with. For the larger community, we really believe in the role of business as a force for good. We want to be known for caring about the community and not only making a profit.

What has Peperuka learnt from using the assessment?

The BIA broadened what can be considered as impact. There are very many areas Peperuka had never considered in terms of impact e.g. we had never thought about things like the lights we use in the office. The company has a nice story, such as plant a tree for every product sold, by the Wangari Maathai Foundation. Through the assessment, we saw that our story could go much deeper.

What did the company do as a result?

The company is now working on an improvement plan as well as documentation and tracking of our procedures so as to show our impact. We are now talking to our networks about the BIA and how other businesses can use the assessment to improve on their current operating procedures. If we (all businesses) are doing it (using their organisations’ as a force for good), it becomes the way of doing business.

What improvements looking forward to

The goal is to achieve what really matters to Peperuka as outlined above and deliver this in a sustainable way. We would love to be a champion in doing business differently and that the whole ecosystem understands that we operate in a different way. We want to make communities expect more from businesses and for businesses to take on this responsibility. Lastly, Peperuka can’t wait to be B Corp Certified and join the community!

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